Saturday, November 29, 2008

CPC Small Print Show: Kyra Termini

This blog is part of a series of interviews of participating artists / printmakers in the Chicago Printmakers Collaborative Small Print Show.

Born and raised in Chicago, Kyra Termini studied printmaking, fiber, and art history at the Kansas City Art Institute in MO. She worked as a print assistant for the Chicago Printmakers Collaborative, designed and printed broadsides for poets, and created artwork for an album. As a member of the Deadline Projects Artist Group, she participated in different shows with the group until her move to St. Louis, MO, where she currently teaches screen printing at the Evil Print Printshop. Although she works predominantly with etching and aquatint, she also does screen printing and woodcuts.

Kyra Termini. Definition of a Drop Spindle.
Kansas City at the H&R Block Space. 2005.
This was from my senior thesis show.

"For me function and beauty have always gone hand in hand. The beauty is in the making of the object, the shirt on your back, the plate you eat from, even the mode of conveyance in which you choose to travel. In modern society we have neglected the beauty aspect by mass producing objects and allowing the general public to be blissfully ignorant from production to waste. As the wide-ranging physical impact of this ignorance continues to show up in our daily lives, I aim to demonstrate the simple beauty of everyday objects and the impact that the change form ignorance can achieve."

Kyra Termini. Equus Ferus, Wild Horse.
Series Extinct In The Wild. 2008.
Monotype on woodblock.

Kyra's exhibitions include: Marwen Holiday Sale, At Marwen Alumni Gallery, Chicago, 2008; Art Of Democracy at the CPC,Chicago, 2008; Squircle, Happy Dog Gallery for DP Deadline Projects, Chicago, 2008; Alumni Group Exhibition at Marwen Gallery 21, Chicago, 2006 to 2008; Beyond Boundaries, a traveling postcard exhibition at the CPC, various locations in the US, 2008; Life, Happy Dog Gallery for DP, Chicago, 2008; Big Bold Black & White Print Show, CPC, Chicago, 2007; This Is For You, Happy Dog Gallery for DP, Chicago, 2007; 2546 W. Chicago, Curated by Nicholas Kashian, Chicago, 2006; House Party, YCA Young Chicago Authors, Chicago, 2006; Open Sesa-Splat, Splat Flats in Wicker Park on Division Street, Chicago, 2006; Lumbart,Splat Flats, Chicago, 2006; Spun, presented for Opt In, Revisioning America at the Music Garage, Kansas City, MO, 2005; Post/Pre-Consumer Yarn Wrangling, Leedy-Voulkos Gallery in the Crossroads Art District, Kansas City, MO, 2005.

Kyra Termini. Epalzeorhynchos Bicolor,
Red Tailed Shark
. Series Extinct In The Wild.
2008. Monotype on woodblock.

For more information on Kyra and her art, go to her blog at and the group Deadline Projects at

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