Monday, December 8, 2008

CPC Small Print Show: Dennis B. O'Malley

This blog is part of a series of interviews of participating artists / printmakers in the Chicago Printmakers Collaborative Small Print Show.

Dennis O'Malley. Chicago Loyola
University at the Water Tower
Etching, watercolor, chine-collé,
5 3/4" x 7 1/4".

An admitted lifelong lover of the city of Chicago, Dennis B. O'Malley is a printmaker who focuses on Chicago landscapes. In 1995, he was introduced to printmaking at the Chicago Printmakers Collaborative and has been working there ever since. His printmaking generally involves etching with watercolor and chine-collé.

Dennis O'Malley. Michigan Avenue
and Wacker Drive at the river
Etching, watercolor, chine-collé,
5 3/4" x 7 1/4".

"Printmaking concentration can be in intaglio printing, monotypes, Polaroid transfer. I seem to gravitate especially to the etching process, a form of intaglio printmaking, which began in the Middle Ages and was popularized by Durer, Rembrandt and James Whistler. Intaglio printing refers to lines etched or drawn into the surface of a metal plate (either zinc or copper). The plate is dipped in acid, which etches the lines into the plate. Ink is rolled over the plate and then, the plate and paper are run through the press, transferring the ink to the paper. Etching produces special aesthetic results because of the various choices of papers, inks, and printing techniques. I usually finish my pieces with watercolor and chine-collé."

Dennis O'Malley. Chicago Parking Lot E US
. Etching, watercolor, chine-collé,
5 1/2" x 4".

His recent exhibitions include: Illinois Artisans Program Exhibitor, State of Illinois Thompson Center, 2008; Made in Illinois, Robert Morris Gallery, Springfield, IL, 2007; Tall Grass Arts Gallery, Collaborative Show, 2007; INK, Works from the Chicago Printmakers Collaborative, Park Forest, IL, 2007; The Chicago Art Open, Chicago Artist Coalition Annual Show, 2007; Beyond Boundaries Art Show, Chicago Printmakers Collaborative, 2006; Xtreme Art Show, 4ART Gallery, 2006; Beverly Art Center Show, Chicago, 2007; Art Edge IX, BAC, Barrington, IL, 2006.

Dennis O'Malley. Chicago 1060 W. Addison
from the El
. Etching, watercolor, chine-collé,
10 3/4" x 7 1/2".

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